Whether there are about permanent lighting or mobile shelters, Airstar architectural solutions are absolutely unique!

Tear drops for the Allianz Arena in Munich, colourful spheres at Disneyland Paris, a giant, 100 % inflatable and modular shed to protect the Solar Impulse plane… and many other challenges! Impossible is not Airstar! 

Airstar lighting balloons highlight permanently places and spaces, inside as well as outside. We provide a design and an industrial solution, which is flexible and offers an easy maintenance.

 Airstar also designs domes, for all entertainment needs as well as rapid deployment shelters that can be used as sheds for sensitive equipment or as emergency shelters.


Impossible is not Airstar! We study all the craziest projects.

MUDAM Luxembourg pendulum

Printemps Haussmann building for the end-of-the-year celebrations

RockyPop Chamonix hotel


Quality has been Airstar’s top priority for more than 20 years. Our goal has always been to study, to design and to develop the most reliable and innovative solutions.